Challenge yourself and achieve your distance

Our HBF Fitness Intermediate program will help you stay focused and get closer to achieving your distance at the HBF Run for a Reason. Our friendly personal trainers will help motivate you at every step of the way.

Warm up

We’ll ease you into the program with a light warm up to stretch your muscles

Strength training

Increase your strength to improve your endurance and reduce injury risk

Group cardio fitness

Have fun and increase your heart rate with our group cardio activities

Cool down

End the session and slowly bring your heart rate down with some easy stretching

Intermediate training schedule

See our week to week fitness training schedule for the intermediate fitness program and learn how we’ll approach your weekly training schedule to help you achieve your goals

Week of Theme Overview
27 Mar Your reason Learn the benefits of participating in the HBF Run for a Reason.
03 Apr Preparation and training Know how to plan and stick to your training schedule.
10 Apr Goal setting Set specific goals to give clarity and increase motivation.
17 Apr Training nutrition Fuel your body with the right foods for training and race day.
24 Apr Strength and conditioning Increase your strength to improve your endurance and reduce injury risk.
01 May Warming up and cooling down Integral to a training program is knowing how to warm up and cool down correctly.
08 May Recovery Learn about the importance of recovery after exercise.
15 May Ways to get better Take your knowledge from the program to set new goals.

Find out what to bring to your first training session

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